What To Watch For Buying A Horse At Auction

You need to be careful in buying a horse at auction, because you generally can not do the inspection before buying. Horse can really smooth and healthy, but this is false because the drug or the horse is rested, although not all sellers are like that.
If you are a trainer or experienced horse would be able to distinguish it. Begin examination from nose to tail horse, run your hands down to the hooves. feel whether there are irregularities in the horse body. Now consider the general condition of the body, from horse hair, the quality of the foot, muscle development, and the attitude of the horse as if there is a sense of pressure or fear.
Note the horse move, walk, trot and canter. Did he move well, are breathing regularly. Be sure to how to ride and walk around. Take your time for a potential purchase of the auction system. You do not need to rush. Be careful in buying a horse better than you buy haphazard but ultimately disappointed.

Horse walk

Horse walk

horse run

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