Freshwater Tropical Fish Species

If you are happy to keep the fish, of course, familiar with the common Freshwater Tropical Fish kept in want to find fresh water tropical fish species, this is hist list :

Freshwater Tropical Fish Species

Have plenty of variety, from the type of ranchu, bubble eye, pearls, and still some others. This fish is funny because the movement is not proportional body look fatter, but this is where the value-added and privileges of a goldfish.


Fish that many kept in garden ponds, slow and graceful movements, koi fish often competed in the aesthetic aspects, how her assessment usually based on color and body proportions, koi fish itself is made up of an assortment of variants corresponding color scales.

komet Freshwater Tropical

This fish has a nimble movement, the youth is not too big tail, but after mature tail will become wider and make it look graceful seen.

fish discuss

This fish shaped flat, had a beautiful accent in his body, the fish is usually sold quite expensive depending on color and size.

Manfish Freshwater Tropical Fish Species

Fish is likely to simply drift and impressed most calm among the other species of ornamental fish, moving only as needed, seems to hover in the middle of rice fields.

Freshwater Tropical Fish Species shark

Colour contrast black and white, body shape resembles a shark's just physical and siirp factors that made him look different, the size of the fish is much smaller.

comes from inland river amazon is nocturnal fish, just wandering around at night / dark conditions, because it is when daylight is terliaht very shy fish. blackhost shape allows maneuvering movements that can not be done any other fish.

lemon Freshwater Tropical Fish Species

fish have color ripe lemons on a lemon occasionally mature at the end of sirp it looks black. Lemon fish tend to be aggressive though not a predator, not the recommended mixed with fish chef.

Silver Dollar
silver dollar fish

fish that looks like a bull's eyes tend to be flat colored coins so called silver dollar

Corydoras fish

Corydoras  fish such as black specks spots, attractive fish and rare silent in one place.

guppy fish

This fish is small enough in size from head to rump at only 1.5 cm, plus a tail of about 1 cm, which is interesting from the guppy tail pattern, but it's worth guppy just put together with the kind of small fish like molly being eaten by a big fish.

parrot fish

Why called parrot fish? because these fish have similar snout shapes parrots, tend to be aggressive and usually only friends with fellow parrot.

oscar fish

for this species is rather ferocious than other fish, black base color with shades of red lava, usually reasonably priced small oscar sold.

Some Freshwater Tropical Fish Species, I will write next post, thank you for read


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